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What Little Pearl Offers

1crab_ikonLittle Pearl kindergarten offers an internationally recognized educational program to children ages 3-7, based on the pedagogical approach of Dr. Marie Montessori. The program includes: a moral program "The Virtues Guide", acqusition of the English language that is absorbed in a very natural way, a multicultural spirit.  

Little Pearl kindergarten has an English Montessori class  and a Czech Montessori class. The language of communication in the English class is English, used by both teachers, one native speaker and one Czech. 

Little Pearl kindergarten has an ambitious longterm vision. From the unique character of the school and its internationally recognized curriculum spring up our plans to extend our activities to the establishment of a primary school. Our goal is to offer children an education that will prepare them to be succesful in their future academic education, as well as their everyday life. 

At Little Pearl we place a strong emphasis on active learning based on individual discoveries. In our program the challenge  for the children is to win over themselves personally rather than their classmates. 

Little Pearl has committed itself to a close cooperation of the school, family and the program that guides our students along the path of developing individual responsibility, independance, self-esteem, independent decision making and inner peace and balance.