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Preparing Tommorow´s Creative Thinkers Today

1star_fish_ikonToday´s world is a world of fast-change and new discoveries. We can hardly envisage what abilities and qualities our children will need in order to be succesful in the 21st century. Nowadays, even more than ever, they have to learn how to learn. kristnka_300

The most important years of the education of our children are not those of  secondary school, but the first twelve years of their life. It is exactly this period which forms their minds and their world view, their character and self perception, their basic competences and knowledge and the perception of the diversity of arts and of world cultures.

Our children really fancy the process of their own learning and they become very active in it, thereby discovering their own potential. The goal of Little Pearl kindergarten is to build in children feelings of unity with other people in the world, a spirit of service to others, a strong character and a creative mind. All of this extends over the border of traditional pre school education and in this respect Little Pearl is a unique school.