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Natural Way of Absorbing Foreign Language

1shell_ikonThe decision to teach our children the English language comes out of our conviction that the English language is indispensable nowadays. It is the means that provides people with extraordinary possibilities not only for their personal development but foremost for the development of the ever advancing civilization. The English language, in a sense, has become the world language.tastn_ema_300

There have been many myths and misunderstanding about teaching children a foreign language from an early age. One of the arguments was that the development of children is handicapped if they are exposed to a language different from their mother tongue. The argument states that it is important for the child to first master the mother tongue to a certain level. The research however shows that when the manifold language skills are sufficiently developed, they become a great asset and an advantage for the child.Another argument is that some children confuse the words used in the different languages. This aspect, however, is only natural for the acquisition and mastering of the second language. Young bilingual children have this tendency especially when clarifying unclear statements. The important factor is that each child acquires the language gradually in the same way as acquiring the mother tongue.  

Among important factors for the acquisition of the language are the way in which through the language is acquired, the quality of the language the person is exposed to, and the environment that the language is used in. 1snail_ikon

Our goal and aim is that the English language is acquired through natural settings and meaningful activities where the language is used as a means to achieve certain goals.

We can say that young children absorb a foreign language in the same way as a sponge absorbs water. The diversity of activities allows for sufficient number of stimulants for the acquisition of the language; it is also important that the acquisition is similar to the acquisition of the mother tongue. American linguist Stephen Krashen says that mastering a foreign (second) language should be done in a similar manner to mastering the mother tongue. The teacher in the English class uses the mother tongue only when necessary.

This approach allows for the integration of the foreign language in our daily program where the children use the language actively and naturally.

The text uses ideas and opinion of S. Krashen, J.D. McClure and J. Crawford