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Intelect and Respect

1star_fish_ikonIntellect is not fixed by birth and the human potential is not limited in any area, as it might seem in the traditional system of education. The success in schools is directly connected to the way the children are convinced that they are capable and independent beings. "Little Pearl" enables children to develop in a meaningful manner their independence and self-discipline and thus we give them the lifelong lasting basis of their work habits and the sense of responsibility. Children show pride in their ability to do things by themselves, carefully and well.

ruth_sva_300_01Children are unique and they deserve to be treated with real and honest respect. Respect creates respect which in turn creates a healthy atmosphere facilitating learning.

In "Little Pearl", we try to use a language that is not manipulative, and we do not belittle their dignity. Caring and balanced relationship with the child is reflected in aspects such as recognition, appreciation, feed back, positive or negative natural consequences. Our goal is that the children begin to learn to work on what satisfies and fulfills their inner needs.