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The Classrom - Prepared Enviroment

fish_greyoraneThe environment of "The Little Pearl" is prepared in such a way that the child is stimulated to learn; the environment facilitates this natural need of children to learn. In "The Little Pearl" our focus is child oriented. This means that we are developing a school that is fundamentally different from the traditional schools where most and often the only active member in the classroom is the teacher. In our classes the focus is not on the teachers but rather, the environment is prepared in order to enable the development of children's independence and their personal responsibility. An environment prepared in this manner allows individual approach to each child who takes active role in the process of learning. p1010055_300

  It might take a while before a visitor notices the teachers in the classroom. They work with one or two children at once; they advise and explain new things and they observe the children. They help the children in a way that they can do it by themselves. Children move freely around the class and between the classes. They choose their work that corresponds to their interest – rather than being passively involved in lessons and projects that were chosen for them by the teachers.


The environment in our classes is prepared in a caring way that satisfies the sensitive period of each child – this is the phase of the development where the child is increasingly sensitive in developing certain abilities with remarkable ease and with little effort. Such a sensitive period is marked by increase interest of the child concerning particular work (working with colours, numbers, letters, with animals etc.) In "The Little Pearl" we notice these sensitive phases as the child learns many things in such easy manner during the sensitive period. p1010020_300


Even the youngest ones take care of the environment in "The Little Pearl"; the school is ready for them. When they are hungry, they can prepare snack and drink by themselves. When they spill something, they help each other and they clean it carefully. Parents could be surprised when they see their own child cutting fruit and chopping vegetables, sweeping the floor, preparing the table for lunch and cleaning it afterwards, carrying a jug with water to pour themselves a drink. These young children move around calmly and confidently while doing their own activity. It is apparent even to a casual observer that such environment is really theirs. fish_blueviolet


We call our classes - prepared environment. This name truly reflects the care and attention that we give to the preparation of this educational environment. It encourages the child's independent and intellectual development. Classes in "Little Pearl" are divided into several areas that include practical life, sensorial education, mathematics, language education, cosmic life (history, physics, chemistry, biology, art and other fields of the world and the life of it). Each classroom is equipped with low shelves, open cupboards and tables, with freely accessible material for children so that they can choose according to their interest in order to work with it.