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Independence, Freedom, Responsibility and Discipline

fish_pinkChildren can move freely around the class and they can work individually or join other children if they wish so. They can choose an activity and work with it as long as they want as long as they do not obstruct or damage it and after they are finished they put it back to its designated place by themselves.

Independent and free choice of work is tied to responsibility and rules. The rules in MŠ Perlička come out of the considerations for the freedom of others and considerations of environment and order. The rules are made by the children collectively. Freedom of the child does not mean that the child is left alone or that they will not finish their work. The teacher is the one who helps the children on their way to independence, responsibility and self-discipline.

martin_zamet_300We put great emphasis in our school on the development of character as well as of the intellect. "Little Pearl" are guided to show kindness, courtesy and respect to their classmates, parents and teachers. Our goal is to set secure and pleasant environment where one cares for each other and where children learn to solve various problems in appropriate way, develop their sense of self-discipline, responsibility, and courtesy and to create an atmosphere where children can be educated in a peaceful manner. If there is a case when a child has some difficulty to behave according to the expectation of the school, we try to find appropriate solution with the help of the parents. Our approach is of a mutual respect and trust.

At "Little Pearl", we do not tolerate negative physical behaviour or physical and emotional threats. If anyone violates the agreements of safety, kindness and courtesy, there will come a natural consequence. For example, when a child breaks something, it has to be repaired or replaced – either by the parents or by the parents and the cooperation of the children whose behaviour caused such damage.

Children are guided to learn that beating, pushing or other negative physical expressions are unacceptable and that it is possible to express such emotions differently. This kind of behaviour is usually caused by anger which is not to be tolerated. "Little Pearl" has zero tolerance for such behaviour. If this kind of behaviour is observed, the child is for a certain period (depending on the age of the child and the gravity of the behaviour) excluded from the program. The teachers help the child to find a way on how to control his or her emotions. The child has to apologize to the other child. We help the child to understand that to be excluded from the program is not a punishment, but rather a natural consequence of unacceptable behaviour. The exclusion from the program has usually a positive influence on the child and the child learns to respect set boundaries. fish_orange

The cooperation of parents and the school in such cases is necessary. You as a parent can help your child in those situations. It is good to avoid strong punishments of the inappropriate behaviour of the child on the one hand and tolerate the behaviour on the other. If you have a feeling that the child wants to speak about the incidents, it is good to speak about it and allow the child to express his or her feelings and opinion on the whole situation. You can help them to speak about the emotions that cause such behaviour and ask them to suggest a way on how they can deal with this kind of situation in the future.