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Children Learn to Think, Cooperate, Discover, Not to be Affraid of Making Mistakes

fish_punkOur program is designed to help each child to discover and develop his or her capacity and skills. We respect the unique potential of each individual. We know that each child learns at a different pace and that each child will progress differently using the same teaching method. Our approach is flexible and creative. sofipeml_300

Children in the "Little Pearl" learn to cooperate with each other rather than compete. Children discover their own potential that is inherent within them and they develop strong sense for independence, self confidence and self discipline. Children learn quickly without the fear of making mistakes in an environment that gives them freedom to learn and progress at their own pace; they try to overcome the barriers by themselves. They can try out new things without being afraid that somebody will rebuke or make fun of them.

Our children learn how to think, observe and solve problem and, not how to memorize and quickly forget. Teachers encourage them to think independently and by being actively involved in the whole educational process.