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Class Size; A Three-Year Age Span


fish_smallThere are usually 18 children in the classroom with two qualified teachers.

 The teacher is neither the centre of the attention nor the sole source of instructions. Children learn on several levels:

  • Through their own independent discoveries.p1010081_300
  • From one another.
  • With the help of the teacher.
  • Through the specially designed materials.
The carefully prepared environment allows individual approach to each child. This approach enables children to discover and learn independently in the most suitable way. The stimulation from the older children and encouragement of their peers supports this process. Often the best teacher for a three year old child is his older classmate. Children learn mostly from each other. That is why we have no more than 18 children in each classroom to ensure that each child has enough friends of his or her own age group as well as enough of interactions with the older children.