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Role of the Teachers in Little Pearl

p1010199_300The teachers in MŠ Perlička have very different role in comparison to the traditionally educated teachers. Many teachers focus mainly on keeping order and peace in order to proceed with the plan and outline that do not necessarily respect the needs of all the children. Most of the teachers' mission is to give students facts.

The role of the teachers in MŠ Perlička is of guides and persons that help children to facilitate the process of learning. The teacher is usually not the one that is the centre of the focus and also usually the class does not work at the same time as a whole. One of the tasks of the teacher is to note the progress and needs of the individual children, to prepare and offer children suitable material and tools that correspond to the needs and interest of each child in the class. The teacher shortly and in effective manner presents the subject matter either to the whole class or to smaller groups with the goal to create interest in the children so that they can come back to the subject matter in their own work with the tools and materials.  p1010037_300

The lesson is focused on clear and simple information that each child needs in order to work independently: the name of the material, the place where it belongs to on the shelf, the basic rules for its usage and the possibilities that such a tool has. Teachers carefully monitor the progress of children and they keep and stimulate high level of their interest. The teachers know the children very well and as a result of this, they can enrich the educational process by other material that can widen the subject matter and provides further opportunity to achieve success.