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Observing Your Child

kvitiParents are not only allowed but encouraged to come and see their child at the kindergarten. It is possible after making arrangements with the class teacher. This arrangement is necessary for practical reasons so that there are not too many adults visiting on the same day and the "children environment" is preserved.

Especially during the first days and after holidays it is difficult for parents and children to be separated. Parents are therefore cordially invited to spend the first days with their child in our kindergarten so that children adapt more easily. 

 During parental visits we keep the regular daily routine and the parent is designated a special place in the classroom overlooking the whole class. Parents can move quietly around the class without disturbing the childrens’ concentration on their work. Patient and quiet observation of your children and their classmates brings many new discoveries.

 When in the classroom, do not expect the most natural behaviour of your child. Children might become confused when parents are present because they are not sure who they should listen to – the parent or the teacher. In such a case and if there is a situation or a "problem", it should be the parent who solves the situation concerning the behaviour of their child.