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Why Little Pearl ?




The little pearls are our children. 



Each child is in essence a spiritual being that comes to this world to grow. Their bodies, minds, and souls grow. Parents are the first and foremost educators. They are the child´s gaurdians and carers, they are there to love them and guide them, especially during the precious first years of their lives. As parents, we desire only the very best for our children.

This ranges from securing enough food, clothing, toys, hugs and friends, to securing the best education we can offer them. We want to secure their well being, for them to be well married and to have their own healthy children. We want to see them happy and successful. We wish only the best for them.  

What is the best for them is closely connected to what best is in them. As one little girl said: "virtues are the good things inside us". Virtues and praiseworthy character are like pearls and gems hidden inside us. Man is like a mine full of these pearls and gems. Education and training brings them to the surface so that the individual, as well as the whole of society, can benefit from them.  

That is why  "Little Pearl".