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Who is who...School Board

Founders who are at the same time Board of the Directors. Their work for the Board is without financial compensation as they consider it as service to the public and to the children in particular.


 Mgr. Pavlos Gurutidismultiplikan_tabule1_009_200

Is member of the Board. He studied Pedagogical faculty in Masaryk University in Brno. From  1993 he teaches English as lecturer as well as the trainer.He is the director of language school with branches in Prague and Olomouc, which specialzes on teaching English as the second language. He is convinced that quality of preschool education is indispensable in the development of human being. He believes that knowledge of foreign language is a tool not only for reaching one´s personal goals, but also means for creating friendship and unity of people in the whole world.

Motto: "The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens".  

MUDr. Darina Gurutidu

darina2013_200Project manager. Mother of four children.She is responsible for the team  of teachers in the kindergarten, organization, administration, public relations, communication with parents. After graduation in Medical faculty of Masaryk University in Brno she worked four years in farmaceutical company. After birth of her firts daughter in 2000, her life path gradually changed direction until founding kindergarten. She devoted lots of energy to this project, because she wanted to have for her children ( and for all others) preschool in the best of quality. For several years in her free time she prepares and teaches regular lessons of moral and spiritual development of children.   

Motto: Knowledge is a wings in man´s life and a ladder for his ascent. 


Mgr. David Schejbalmultiplikan_tabule1_008_200

Is a member of the Board. He studied Pedagogical faculty in Masaryk University in Brno, teaching English as a foreign language. He lived several years abroad ( Ireland, Canada), after he came back he had taught English in language schools. At the present time he works in the consulting and training company which focuses on  "Value Based Leadership and Management" . He participated in several international conferences organised by Bahá´í International Community in UN (New York) concerning human rights.  For long time he works in  the area of development of human resources and serves also as the coordinator for Southen Moravia in this field.  

Motto: Nezabývejte se vlastními zájmy, nechť se vaše myšlenky soustředí na to, co pomůže lidstvu a bude inspirovat srdce a duše lidí. 


martina2013_200Mgr. Martina Schejbalová

Academic director. Mother of four children. From Sept 2006 until Sept 2008 lead teacher in English class Sea Horses. From 2009 when her first child was born, she continues at the position of the Academic Director. She graduated from Pedagogical faculty of Southern Bohemian University in České Budějovice (Czech and Latin languages). While searching for educational system which would respect natural need and longing of children to explore the world surrounding them, after teaching experience in grammar as well as high school she conluded that Montessori educational system fulfill the best these criterias and that the most important period in the development and for the future of a human being is a period from the birth until 6 years of age. In 2006 she obtained Montessori Diploma in Prague, in 2015 AMI Montessori  Assistant course (3-6) and she continues her education in this area. Thus she fulfills her longing to be a guide of the child in his / her path in life. Other area which she considers as very important is education of virtues and character development. She is the best example for children in kindness, joy, orderliness, systematic approach, honesty, reposponsibility, creativity and determination. 

Motto: Zářící, šťastný obličej povzbuzuje lidi na jejich cestách.  Když je někdo smutný a potká smějící  se dítě, pak se dítě při pohledu na něho přestane smát a nebude vědět proč.